Hi10-5S GSM amplifier

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Supports any European provider on 2G, 3G, 4G

From HIBOOST HI10-5S Booster is a 5 bands GSM signal booster designed to enhance and amplify any mobile signal on any network in your home (home) or small office. The signal range is amplified (indoor signal repeater) in an area up to 250m² or 10 t/m 16 meter (90 degrees) around the indoor antenna.

Telecom provider signals from: KPN, Vodafone Ziggo, T-Mobile, Proximus , Orange, Base etc. be strengthened, supports and improves. This is the solution for your poor voice reception and slow data speed on your iPhone, Android, ipad, tablet of laptop. The mobile amplifier works with 800, 900, 1800, 2100 on 2600 MHz frequencies. This is a complete set incl. cables, power supply and antennas. You can easily set up the outdoor and indoor antenna with the free Signal Supervisor app (IOS, Android).

599.00 Incl. BTW: 724.79

- All mobile networks
- Frequencies: 2G + 3G + 4G + 5G
- Signal signal: 50m²-250m²
- 1 indoor antenna
- Complete set


HI10-5S Signal booster

GSM Signal Booster with 2G, 3G, 4G in 5G (Vodafone)

This mobile signal booster can offer the right solution if you can't call at home (or just by the window)
met is a smartphone.. The solution offered is suitable for all telecom providers in Europe!!
with the exception of 5G (800Mhz), which works in Dutch for Vodofone.

Demonstration video

Meet Melanie a nice girl from Brabant!

Finally an affordable solution for poor mobile signal at home.

It doesn't matter the HIBOOST HI10-5S can do it all 250 square meter. Unlike a number of other brands that say they also have 4G but actually refer to the 3G band as 4G band. This model is really the only one of its kind in this price segment.

Definition of the boosted frequency bands: 2G = 900/1800 mhz – 3G = 2100 Mhz – 4G / 5G = 800, 2600 Mhz

Signal amplifier with 2G,3G and 4G up to 250m2 €599,-

GSM Amplifier with two antennas (one for outside and one for inside). Two cables and mounting supplies.

Most important features:

  • Complete set with all accessories!
  • Supports LTE800, EGSM900, DCS1800 WDMA2100 en LTE2600 MHz/
  • Gain control Installation and monitoring via a mobile app/
  • Self-oscillating protection/
  • Very high quality product.
  • Complies with ETSI- and 3GPP standards.

KPN, Vodafone or T-Mobile it doesn't matter because there is finally an affordable model of mobile phone amplifier that supports all telecom providers and bands.

With this light model GSM signal amplifier you can finally call with higher speed, receive or send data or stream live and watch online TV in your home or office with your GSM, IPAD, tablet, of laptop.

When ordering, you will receive a complete working set with all accessories such as the indoor and outdoor antenna, cables and of course the HIBOOST S10-5S.

Specially developed for the Dutch and European market with as target from normal households and small office environments to provide 2G, 3G and 4G signal.

Your own indoor antenna

The indoor antenna is beautifully designed and ensures the distribution of your signal in your home.

You connect it to the GSM amplifier together with the outdoor antenna and you're done.

High Gain outdoor antenna

Receives signals from cell towers, This GSM amplifier set includes a strong 9dBi outdoor antenna to receive signals.

The signal you have outside is amplified and forwarded inside your home

Signal Supervisor App

All-in-one Signal Assistant. Free app for easier installation and customer support

With the signal supervisor app which is suitable for Android on IPhone you can easily align the outdoor antenna to the transmission towers of the telecom providers yourself.

♥ Optimize Antenna System

Provides signal meter tools to find the best signal receiving directions for outdoor antenna installation.

♥ Remote Monitoring

Allows you to control your GSM amplifier and view its performance right from your phone or tablet, always and everywhere.


There is no other signal booster on the market that you can manage and set up with your phone. Smart Link allows you to manage the system with a mobile app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Optimal position of the outdoor antenna

The signal supervisor app helps you find the best location to aim your outdoor antenna. So that you receive a strong signal.

Optimally adjust the indoor antenna

Before hanging the indoor antenna, use the APP to find the location in your home or office to get the most coverage.


RF Parameter Uplink Downlink

800MHz 832~862MHz 791~821MHz
900MHz 880~915MHz 925~960MHz
1800MHz 1710~1785MHz 1805~1880MHz
2100MHz 1920~1980MHz 2110~2170MHz
2600MHz 2500~2570MHz 2620~2690MHz


Vodafone 5G = 800Mhz

Max .Gain 55dB 60dB

Intelligent AGC* ALC -42dB
ISO 42dB


  • Gain Flatness Typical 5dB (p-p)
  • Noise Figure @ Max. System Gain Typical 5dB
  • V.S.W.R Typical 2
  • Group Delay 1ˤV
  • Frequency Stability 0.01SSP

Electrical Parameter

  • Power Supply Input | AC90~264V,50/60Hz, Output DC5V/3A
  • Power Consumption – 10W
  • Input & Output Impedance – 50 ohm


– I /O Port Type N-Female

– Dimension 6.77*4.4*0.75inch/172*112*19mm 0.8KG

Environment Parameter

  • Operating Temperature -10ºC~+55ºC
  • Storage Temperature -10ºC~+80ºC
  • Relative Humidity 5% – 95%
  • Barometric Pressure 55 kPa -106 kPa
  • Environment Conditions IP40


* ALC and ISO share intelligent AGC 42 dB range.
** ALC: 42dB automatic gain adjustment range to stabilize the output power.
*** ISO: 42dB intelligent isolation processing to avoid self-oscillation.

Note: This is a typical specification for room temperature.
Huaptec reserves the right to change this specification without prior notice.

User installation manual

Download here the English documentation that came with your amplifier.

For the installation of all our GSM amplifiers.

Huaptec Hiboost boosters are an efficient solution to improve poor mobile signal. But before you can take full advantage of the system, you need to install it properly.

The installation procedure is performed in 4 simple steps. You are strongly advised to follow the instructions in the manual. If there are problems and it is still not clear to you and you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us during office hours on telephone number 085-201 78 83.

Installation at home or in the office

You have a ready-made kit with the amplifier, 2 cables and 2 receive antennas. Before installation, make sure you have all the necessary components.


Step 1. Install an outdoor antenna

1 . Choose a good place to install the outdoor antenna.

Normally you choose the highest point of your building to receive a good signal. The roof of your home or business premises usually suffices.

You can basically place the antenna anywhere you receive a good signal with your phone. This must be at least 2-3 Bars are.

Consider a loss of 10% on 10 meter cable. The advice is therefore to no to bridge greater distances. If this is necessary, consider using a higher quality cable.

We have good experiences with Hirschmann cables, These have only a loss of 1% at ten meters. If you choose this, do not forget to order the Connectors of the type F Connector. (smb)

Determine outdoor antenna placementing

The image above shows how best to find the right location for your outdoor antenna.

The idea is that you place the antenna where it comes closest to the Telecom provider's transmission tower from the building.. This also prevents the internal transmission signal from interfering with the external transmission signal. (crossing these signals may cause loss of signal strength).

Install the outdoor antenna

Fix the outdoor antenna in the chosen place where there is good reception of the signal.

There are two possible types of installation - pole and wall mounting.

If you choose to mount the outdoor antenna on the roof, you need to fix the antenna on the pole with an L bracket and screws. Follow the post mounting diagram on the next page.


Mounting method


PAY ATTENTION: The required mast diameter becomes φ40~50 (mm)

To perform wall mounting, place the antenna directly on the wall with an L-bracket and screws. Find the example below wall mounting:

Safety Notice:
Wrap waterproof tape around the connectors between an outdoor antenna and the cables to prevent water or other damage.

Step 2. Install the indoor antenna

The indoor antenna is usually placed in the center of your home / office to provide global coverage.

Front and Hi13 models:

Connect the indoor antenna to the corresponding connector on the booster and tighten securely.

For Hi17, Hi20 and Hi23 models:

  1. Choose a room where there is no strong signal and attach the indoor antenna.
  2. Place it on the wall or in the corner as follows:

Note :

The distance between the inner- and outdoor antennas must 5-10 be meter. If this space between the antennas cannot be achieved, ensure that a barrier (for example a wall) to increase insulation and to prevent self-oscillation.


Step 3. Install the Signal Booster

  1. Select a location near a power outlet. Hi13 booster models with swipe antenna can be placed near the power supply. Hi17 .'s booster, 20 on 23 models is usually mounted on the wall in the room with an indoor panel antenna like the picture below:
  1. Connect the outdoor antenna to the booster connector marked “Outside”. Tighten the connection by hand.


  1. Connect the indoor antenna cables to the booster connector marked “indoor”. Tighten the connection by hand.

Step 4. Start Up the Booster

  1. Connect the signal amplifier with the power cord AND insert the plug into the wall socket.


Do not connect the amplifier to the power supply until you have correctly connected the antennas.

  1. If the alarm LED flashes green or orange, does this mean that the signal booster is working properly.

After the amps is turned on, it will automatically adjust the best performance with intelligent automatic strength adjustment function. So that no manual operation is required. Check coverage.

If it is good, Congratulations! The installation has been completed successfully!


Safety principles:

The amplifier must comply with safety requirements for communication equipment. Provide proper grounding and lightning protection.


The power supply voltage of the amplifier must comply with safety standards. Any action should only be performed after disconnecting the power beforehand.


Do not open the amplifier versterker, touching the module of the amplifier or opening the cover of the module containing the electronic components and touching these components can damage the parts due to electrostatic charge or discharge.


Keep the amplifier away from heating equipment, because the amp itself dissipates heat when it's on. Could this affect the amplifier. A room without heating is therefore recommended.

you can also download this manual for printing

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    • And, great product!

    Great product and support.

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