Mobile signal measurement at your location

Site survey (measuring is knowing)

A site survey or signal measurement survey at the location is the first step towards a tailor-made solution for your location where the following matters are viewed and investigated:

  • Provider transmission tower antenna situation scan.
  • Outside meeting signal reception (globally).
  • Indoor meeting signal reception. (A construction drawing of the building speeds up the process)
  • Outdoor location problems identification (detect disturbance such as trees, high buildings etc.).
  • Indoor Identify building specific features that disrupt signal propagation.
  • Possibilities for placing a signal amplifier(s), antennas and cabling.
  • Determining the right equipment (which cell phone amplifier(s), type spliters of type couplers en type kabels).
  • Signing up and calculating based on the construction drawing of the building.
  • Optimization of signal coverage in the property.

There are various possibilities in site surveys, varying in price. The prices are determined by the surface and layout of the property.

Rekenvoorbeelden site survey

  • A site servey of € 500,- is for premises with a maximum of 1500m2.
  • A site servey of € 750,- is for property with a maximum of 2500m2.
  • A site servey of € 1250,- is for premises with a maximum of 5000m2.
  • A site servey of € 1750,- is for property with a maximum of 8000m2
  • above 10000 m2 is always in consultation.

Excluding call-out costs, including 1 uur reistijd.

Follow-up steps after the site survey:

  • After approval of the site survey by the client, the quotation is submitted and paid.
  • The possibilities and impossibilities of the installation are discussed.
  • Installation is constructed by our own specialists, possibly in collaboration with an installer of the customer or the property manager.
  • Delivery of the order.

Terms of payment:

  • Execution site Survey (payment in advance) or for large orders 10% advance payment.
  • After approval total offer (average 35% deposit) proceeds to installation. (or the price of all equipment)
  • After installation, payment of the remaining amount quoted will be made (55%).
  • Additional orders arising from custom requirements do not have to be quoted but must be submitted within 14 days after delivery.

Example Measurement report

Voorbeeld meetrapport