We are glad that you are willing to buy a mobile phone signal booster in HiBoost's online store. To make your purchase as easy as possible, we have prepared a short guide on the most important phases.

1. Choose a GSM amplifier

We have arranged a number of options to help you find the right GSM amplifier on our website. We recommend starting from the drop-down menu. Here you can choose the model from three categories:


Application stands for the purpose for which you want to purchase a HiBoost signal booster.

In particular, it can be personal use – These mobile signal boosters are intended for home or office use with small and medium size.


Professional use repeaters used to improve signal reception in a large commercial building, like a business center, hotel, universiteit, parking garage etc. te verbeteren.

Coverage Area

Coverage Area. It implies spaces that need to be amplified to maintain a strong mobile signal, whether this is a house, office or a hotel. Simply measure the square footage of your property or make an estimated value up to 3000 m2 op.

After choosing a category that suits you best, go to the corresponding category page.

Op de pagina Categorie ziet u een grote lijst met booster-modellen die voldoen aan uw verzoek. Maar maak je geen zorgen, you won't get lost! We hebben een aantal filters voorbereid om je booster een adem te laten kiezen. Sleep de cursor van elke parameter naar rechts of links in overeenstemming met uw vereisten en het filter genereert de lijst met booster-modellen die u op de beste manier passen.

2. Place an order

After choosing a GSM amplifier model that best suits your needs, click the green button “Add to cart” or select options.

Realize that you are now about to finally purchase an efficient cell phone signal solution!

click on “Check shopping cart” to open your shopping cart, where you can check which booster model or models you have chosen and increase the number of items ordered if necessary.

When you are ready to proceed to payment, click on “Continue shopping” and you will be redirected to the payment page. Here you fill in all the required information regarding the payment method and delivery. Check all the provided details a few times and finish by clicking klikken “Buy now”. Hoera, no more signal problems in your place – you have bought a HiBoost mobile signal booster!

3. Receive your mobile signal booster

As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you a confirmation email, in which you must check whether you have ordered the products for which you were intended and whether your delivery address is correct. Then we get to work and within about one day your product will be packed and prepared for shipment. Within 3-5 days your order will be delivered directly from our depot in Germany. From then on, you are the owner of HiBoost GSM Signal Repeater. Congratulations!