The CE mark indicates compliance with EU legislation when manufacturing the product, where in the world is the product manufactured and it allows free movement within the European market. By affixing the CE marking to a product, the manufacturer declares under his own responsibility that the manufacture of the product has been carried out in accordance with all legal requirements that must be followed in order to achieve CE certification, the CE certification allows the free movement and sale of products throughout the European Economic Area. CE marking is intended for national market surveillance and enforcement authorities.

CE marking means that the product complies with all applicable EC directives. For instance, most electrical products must comply with the so-called Low Voltage Directives of the EMC Directive. The marking does not indicate that the product is manufactured in the EEA. The manufacturer of the product has verified that the product complies with all applicable EC requirements, like safety, health and environmental protection, on, if stated in any guideline, has the product examined by a registered assessment body.

Some regions may require you to have a license or network permission before using the product, please contact your competent authority. To for the R&TE certification to comply with EU regulations

Use of this equipment may require a license. Contact the appropriate authority before use. gsmamplifiers.nl trading under ERC Automatisering cannot endorse or license the equipment sold on this site and is not responsible for any damage caused by misuse of our products.

According to the guidelines of the R&TTE Directive, all our amplifiers are CE approved by the licensing authority and fully compatible.

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